What is the essence of a brand? It is manifested not only through a logo or an image, but also through customers’ perception and associations that occur during their interaction with a product. A brand book takes branding to a logical conclusion conveying its essence, maintaining awareness and optimizing development of branded elements.



A brand book is a book of your brand’s life, guiding its future development.

ZOND boasts top digital marketing experts. We have experience in creating brand books for large corporations and local producers. We know how to build up a strong brand regardless of your company’s size or business scope, and help implement all solutions.

Our work is based on careful research, own experience and client’s preferences. We break the patterns and set new creative trends.

What is the structure of a brand book?

  1. Brand history and mission. Main areas of activity.
  2. Information about visual design: logo, fonts, colours and social media templates.
  3. Solutions for commercial space branding.
  4. Staff uniform.
  5. Advertising templates.

It is important to understand that not only big companies need a brand book. After all, this is the most important element to describe brand structure, which in its turn allows managing the visual system, and to develop its touchpoints.

A brand book brings benefits that will later turn into profits. This is an indispensable marketing tool.

The main stages of brand book development:

  1. Client brief. We collect brand-related information and determine the scope of work.
  2. Clear and precise contract.
  3. Market research. We analyse a niche, target audience and consumers.
  4. Concept development. We set the vector, form hypotheses and present possible solutions to the client.
  5. Refinement of the selected solution. We develop identity, logo, corporate style, and printed products.
  6. Transfer of the designed style to media.
  7. Brand book layout.
  8. Presentation and maintenance.