Planning to develop your brand and make a name for yourself in the market? We offer a solution, going into detail and structure, and accompany you from creation to promotion. To create a recognizable image of your product we conduct a market analysis and create a communication strategy. Working with us includes a whole range of marketing measures to develop your image, based on the analysis of the information we receive and the data we collect from our own research.We don't create a logo. We create a brand.
As a result, you get not just a unique style, but values and the right associations, which is a reflection of the brand.
We develop:
Brand Book
Brand character
Do you plan to develop your brand and position yourself on the market? Do you have a brand that no longer delivers results as expected?ZOND team will unlock potential of your business with the help of branding.We have the whole team of professionals with extensive experience in building up and promoting brands.We offer creative solutions, delve into details and structure, and accompany your product from the very first day and all the way to a customer.Branding includes the whole set of marketing activities to build a brand image based on the analysis of the information and data collected during our own research.We don’t just create a logo, we create a brand, transforming your idea in a particular image.As a result, you will get not only a unique style, but also values and proper associations reflecting your product.This will allow you to clearly demonstrate your strengths and stand out from your competitors.We offer the following steps for brand building process:Meeting a customer and filling out a brief.Conducting market research, competitive analysis and target audience research.Positioning and developing core ideas, based on the features of your product.Brand naming.Designing a logo.Developing a corporate image.Why should you choose us for brand development?We care.
We will deep dive in your idea.Our team has an extensive experience in developing various types of brands in different fields.Let’s create together!We develop:Naming.Visual style.Logotype.Trademark.
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