How can you make your brand design unique and even more professional?We offer you a modern solution: illustration.It makes it possible to convey the story of your brand, as well as to build an emotional connection with your users.Zond agency designers will create an illustration for the brand, which will convey your idea without words.
We develop:
Corporate Heroes
Comic Book
What can make your brand design unique and even more professional? Promotional illustrations! An advertising image will link a unique style and character you want to communicate to your buyer.It conveys the mood of your brand and as a result establishes a powerful connection with consumers, triggers emotional associations and stimulates buying. ZOND agency team will work on an illustration for your brand that will communicate your idea without words. How does it work?We use numerous marketing techniques for branding, such as logos, slogans, brand books etc. However, this is an image endowed with human qualities that will get you closer to your customers. As a result, people are more ready to take actions that you want.You need an illustrated character for your brand, if you want to:stand out from your competitors;personalize your brand;build an emotional connection with customers;improve brand awareness; andincrease sales. Main steps:Meeting with a client and filling out a brief template, where the client describes expectations and important insights in as much detail as possible. Brainstorming, where ZOND agency team determines associations and how to transfer them into images. Sketching. Our designer will offer several creative sketches based on terms of reference. Approval and full processing of the selected image. Final layouts and delivery of the project. We develop:Corporate Heroes Illustration Comic Book
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