In a highly competitive environment, it is not enough to have only a quality product. One of the key elements is packaging.A recognizable design will attract attention and motivate a purchase.Therefore, the main task is to create an emotionally positive perception of your product.We offer only customized solutions based on the tracking of current trends, consumer psychology, and the main idea of the brand.
We develop:
Label design
Packaging development
Assistance in production
Selection of Materials
In the growing competition, a quality product is not enough. Packaging is one of the key elements of the product. It is the most important aspect of the customer communication. Packaging is a primary touchpoint for a product placed on the shelves next to those of your competitors. In brand development, the design should offer solutions on how to:raise brand awareness;take into account price segmentation;maintain an emotional connection with customers;stimulate buying; andcommunicate important information about goods and producer.A well-thought-out design will attract attention and motivate to buy. That’s why understanding of consumer psychology is crucial. The main task of ZOND agency is to develop positive customer perception aimed at maintaining long-term relations with your product. The packaging design process will include the following steps: Project brief. At this step, a client should be involved in the process as much as possible. A detailed description of the project is critical. Target audience and competitor analysis. We will analyse competitors, target audience and trends in your niche to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to ensure market advantage and reduce risks. Concept. We will develop a concept, based on the idea and the main values that should be communicated to a consumer. We will offer several solutions to choose. Design approval and refinement of the selected solution. We will scale it and adapt it for the entire product line.Final layouts for printing and production.We offer only tailored solutions that are based on modern trends, customer psychology and a core brand idea. We offer:Label design;Packaging design;Production support; andWide selection of materials. Why ZOND? We have over 5 years of experience on the market. We dive deep into a project and explore all intricacies. We offer only workable solutions. We set and meet deadlines. We maintain constant and constructive communication. Let’s create unique products together!
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