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There are numerous options for business development, but the best solution is to allow professionals to do their job.

We know that your idea is unique, that’s why we will offer the services you need at a certain stage:

  • free initial consultations. We will meet to drink coffee, get acquainted and talk to better understand each other and choose the best way of cooperation.
  • terms of reference. This is an essential element when it comes to working with various experts.  Don’t expect good results with bad terms of reference.
  • market research and competitor analysis. This is an important initial stage, since one should always study the environment before diving into it.
  • pen portraits of your customers. A professionally developed portrait guarantees a high conversion rate.
  • branding. Creating a unique and well-thought-out brand.
  • creative design. They say, good clothes open all doors, and we know how to “dress” a product properly.
  • 3D modelling and visualization to evaluate product’s features before it is created.
  • sketching. Product designs start as sketches. We will develop best solutions for your product.
  • selecting materials. Many think this is a final stage of working on a product. In fact, it starts with terms of reference. The acceptance of your idea will largely depend on the properly selected materials.
  • SMM. Social media are the leader among communication channels with solvent audience. For this reason, it is important to maintain quality social media presence.
  • comprehensive design services with full brand support. Just think, a team of professionals will develop your brand, starting from an idea, and will support it at every implementation stage. All our experts are fully involved and know every detail. That’s why comprehensive services produce incredible results.
  • services and consulting. We stay in touch with you even after we deliver the project.

We invite you to a free consultation to identify the services you need.

Like a true friend, we don’t just listen to our customers, but we try to understand them. Pleasant and harmonious communication creates fertile ground for effective cooperation.

The work following the initial consultation can be divided into two phases:

  • filling out a brief, personal meeting with the team; and
  • practical implementation of the project.

Our goal is not only to create a beautiful image, but also to build up a complete meaningful brand. We know how to speak the same language as your audience. We offer only those solutions that are related to your business, focusing on the most valuable thing, i.e. people.

ZOND’s specialists have over 10 years of experience working with different companies in various sectors, from SMEs to large corporations